A modern bedroom in the evening with a lit table lamp and large venetian blinds in the window

Window Furnishing Breakdown

Styling a home from furniture to pillows, to accent colours, can be extremely difficult. Let’s get right into it! Window Coverings are confusing, where do you event start. How about some basic knowledge on what different types of blinds are, their purpose and where it is recommended to be in the home.

First Up: roller blinds! These are the most common and affordable window covers. They come in variety colours and textures. Rollers are synonymous with their sleek looks and easy control. Rollers are recommended for all size windows in all areas of the home. You can customise any part of the Roller Blinds with the colour of the brackets, type of chain, bottom rail, adding 2 rollers to 1 window, viewscreen, light filtering or block-out fabrics. The combinations are endless! Rollers are perfect for bedrooms and offices are they are an instant shade and privacy whilst stabilising temperatures inside during the day.

Custom made curtains are the best way to add softness to any room! Curtains may seem like a dated window covering, but they are making a comeback and in a HUGE way! Curtains are perfect for large openings such as Living Room Doors or Grand Master Bedrooms. They again are completely customizable with the endless array of fabrics you can pick from! From Linen Sheers, to heavy brocade block-outs, you have so much to pick from! What is great is that you can have Sheer Curtains over the Living Doors, which will let in the perfect amount of light to stop that glare on your Netflix and a complete Block-out Curtain in the Bedroom for the ‘5-star hotel’ feels!

Stunning shutters! Shutters come in a few types of materials; Basswood & Plantation, PVC & Polymer, Aluminium for outdoor. The major perk about Shutters are their functionality, durability, low maintenance and adding that extra bit of insulation. They do their job of blocking out the sun’s perfection when closed, but when opened allows natural lighting to stream through the home. You can have Shutters over any window or door (in a barn style), and are recommended in bathrooms as they are water-resistant and will withstand the elements of that steamy bath!

Vertical blinds, need we say more! If you are looking for blinds that allow the option to let in natural light without sacrificing privacy then Vertical Blinds are the one. You can have vertical blinds in a variety of block-out and light filtering fabrics that you can decide which suits your area the best. Verticals are the most effective in large areas such as doors as they can be ordered in large widths. All verticals are super easy to use with either a cord or chain control and are extremely low maintenance. If you are thinking that you need practicality over your huge, Dining Room Doors that head to your alfresco area, and don’t want to spend a truck load, then Verticals are a definite option!

Venetians blinds are essentially the baby version of shutters! They are the most classic type of blinds providing the look and function that most people need! These blinds are defined by their horizontal slats which you can tilt and manipulate to control sunlight and privacy. You can order your Venetian blinds in 3 materials; PVC, Aluminium or Timber in a variety of colours and sizes. Because of their simple and functional design, Venetian blinds are one of the most versatile blinds today. You can use these blinds for practically any type of room, from bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and living rooms.

Whichever you decide, just know that you absolutely NEED window coverings! Whether they are a basic roller blind or Hampton’s style shutters Brisbane & Gold Coast wide, privacy is key.

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