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The Most Popular Window Coverings

Keeping up with the most popular window coverings game may not be your expertise, but thankfully we have broken it all down for you! All new homes or refurbished homes are clean, crisp and open plan allowing for flexibility and style in the window covering options available to you! To ensure that the flow of the home reflects this, window coverings can add to the space in more ways than one. So, with so many options to choose from what exactly are the most popular window coverings?

Custom Made Curtains

Custom made curtains continue to be one of the most popular window coverings in recent times. Curtains are no longer considered ‘drapey drapes’, but with the customisation of curtains to perfectly suit your home, custom made curtains can really become that luxurious statement in any room. While ready-made curtains are a fast and convenient option, custom made curtains offer that perfect fit; Custom curtains offer three major benefits over pre-made curtains; You get exactly what you want with light control, you get the exact colour you want and most importantly the curtains will be the perfect fit for your window. Although the initial cost of custom curtains can often be more expensive than that of pre-made curtains – you can be sure that curtains that have been designed perfectly for your home will outlast curtains bought straight off the rack saving you in the long-run. To find out more about how custom curtains can be perfectly designed for your room, please view our full range online.

Pro Tips for Customising Curtains

Choosing the right curtain for your home can be a difficult design choice for many – with so many designs and options to choose from, customising the perfect curtain to make your room ‘pop’ has never been harder. When customising a curtain consider these pro tips:

  1. Curtains in a Sheer Fabric allow the room to feel light and airy, as well as allowing the right amount of natural light in! This can be a great choice for living area doors, large windows or simply anywhere that needs a little bit of softness.
  2. For areas that require a little more privacy, consider block-out curtains. Block-out fabrics are the thicker fabrics that can completely blackout the room. Essential for those all-important sleep-ins!
  3. For that ultra-luxury feel, the Curtain Combo is what you need! A block-out and sheer curtain will add softness, provide privacy while also creating a layered look to your windows.

The varied range of combinations available for colour and texture in the fabrics of curtains allows for either contrasting or complementary styles; Offering versatility, functionality and style, all for a low initial investment. Whatever curtain combination works with your home, curtains continue to be one of the most popular window coverings that are well worth the investment.


If you are not entirely sold on the curtain look and want to go with something a little different, then shutters are also one of the most popular window coverings in modern homes today. Our shutters are practical, durable and stylish window treatments that make a clean and crisp statement in your home. Shutters allow natural light to filter through with the adjustable louvres allowing you to control the amount of light. There are so many different types of Shutters you can choose from with shutters designed for every occasion.

While white still remains one of the most popular window coverings colour for Shutters, they also come in a variety of colours that you can customise to the colour palette in your home. Grey, black, cream, various timber shades across different material types including basswood, PVC, polymer, and aluminium for both indoor and outdoor use; There’s a perfectly fitting Shutter for every occasion. Shutters are also the most resistant window covering for those areas in your home that are prone to moisture and humidity. Looking for elegance and simplicity? Consider Plantation Shutters.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters have been around since ancient times and while their popularity comes and goes, they continue to be one of the most popular window coverings in recent times. Plantation Shutters are a luxury window covering that is elegant and most of all simple to operate. Classic by nature, they let in plenty of natural light and can easily be adjusted to your required lighting needs. Offering a feeling of airiness and lightness, they are also uncompromising on security and privacy. To find out more about our plantation shutters and why they might be the perfect fit for your window, view our plantation shutters Brisbane & Gold Coast range online.

Shutters of all types are often seen as expensive and timely, but this is not always the case; While the initial cost of shutters is often higher than curtains, they will often outlast other types of window treatments due to their durability and sturdy design. Shutters are a hassle-free window treatment that can be well worth the cost and is super easy to maintain. View our full range of Shutters online today to see how Shutters can really bring value to your home.

Curtains and Shutters continue to be the most popular window coverings used in home design today. Whether you decide on curtains or shutters, both are sustainable options that can significantly increase that ‘wow’ factor in your rooms.

View our full range of affordable and quality shutters online and custom curtains to really make your window coverings ‘pop’.

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