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Window Renovations – Upgrade Window Furnishings with Blindo

When it comes to adding some extra flair to your home, modernising it with stylish furnishings and window renovations can be a wonderful place to start. Just as lick of paint can breathe new life into an old home, so too can a stylish set of shades. Not only can blinds and shutters modernise the look of your space, but they can also offer some health benefits too – such as improved airflow and better light control.

We take a look at some ways you integrate some simple window renovations and furnishings into your home.

Change Your Old Curtains for New Ones

Upgrade your current window furnishings with a new set of curtains and watch how quickly it transforms a space. Whether it’s a different colour, design, or fabric, finding the right pair of curtains can really tie a room together. At Blindo, we offer a range of curtains available in different variations of light control and fabric thickness, perfect for every style of home. If sizing your curtains is a hassle, we can provide custom made curtains tailor-made to fit your windows.

Upgrade Window Furnishings

Upgrade window furnishings altogether by swapping your old blinds or curtains for a new look. Thinking of a more rustic, tropical style? Plantation shutters will make you feel as though you’re holidaying at the beach. Sick of the sunlight streaming through that crack in the curtains and ruining your movie? A pair of roman blinds or panel glide blinds will make movie days a treat. Additionally, different blinds and shutters can serve different functions of your home, or you can tie in the theme of the house by having the same style of shutters throughout.

Modernise the Space With Modern Window Furnishings

Carpet and curtains are two house furnishings that can make a home look outdated. While we can’t help you with your shag carpet, we can provide some fantastic options for window renovations. Ditch your tired, old vertical blinds for some stylish, modern window furnishings, or make the leap with Japanese-style panel glide blinds. Given the number of curtains, blinds, and shutter styles available, the possibilities of achieving your dream home theme are endless.

Affordable Window Furnishings

Undoubtedly the biggest benefit of purchasing affordable window furnishings for your house is that it’s one of the least expensive ways to update the look of your home. If you’re renovating your house to sell, stylish window furnishings are one of the first things a potential buyer will see. There’s no use having a beautiful kitchen or bathroom if the shutters are outdated, so paying that extra bit of detail with your window renovations can help set your house apart.

Add Value to Your Home with Stylish Window Furnishings

Just like re-carpeting and painting can add value to your home, so too can the right set of window furnishings. A long set of curtains, for example, can make your room appear larger and roomier. Plantation shutters are especially good value, as they appear as though they are part of the structure of a window and not a separate entity, like curtains and blinds. For the environmentally conscious, energy efficient blinds might be a good choice as they not only help trap air around your windows but are also considered a key selling point for today’s environmentally conscious buyer.

Looking at upgrading your home with some new window renovations? You can order blinds with the Blindo team by getting in touch with a friendly member of our team for any help with your window renovation needs. At Blindo, our curtains and blinds shop team provides personalised shopping assistance if you need help choosing the right window renovations for your home. See how we can help you today!

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